Family Therapy as a Solution to Create Peace in Family Conflict

Each member of a family has to learn how to grown as a group and interact with each other in a healthy way and also to the outside world. In the process of growing up and living with each other, family conflict sometimes would arise due to uncontrollable situations among themselves, and this is when family therapy would come in to assist the situation.

When there is something new that is developing within the family, a family therapy would identify it as a family growth that may be perceived as positive or negative by the other members. It could be that one person in the family is turning to be super sensitive, is always easily upset, may feel left out, or maybe in trouble in school, and so on. Furthermore, members may notice that two people in the family seems to be of heated argument with each other, and somebody is annoying other people which other members would wish to stop, and others.

The reasons why the disturber is doing such things are important therefore to be known. It has been proven that a person does not act out for no reason at all, that there must be a need that they desperately need and is not met, leading to their frustrations and hurt.

With all these kinds of examples of family conflicts, there is now a need to input something new like family therapy to solve this concern.

It is then the objective of family therapy, which is a form of psychotherapy, to resolve family concerns through counselling in the family. In the technique of family therapy treatment, multiple or all members of the family will have to participate since the family is considered a one unit. During the therapy, emphasis is placed on the members who are directly involved in the problem. A family therapists would usually handle issues in a family like marriage, divorce, children-parent relationships, family conflicts, depression, addictions and other similar family concerns. In family therapy, the focus will be on family relationships and family interaction. Therefore, the focus of the family therapist would be on the solution of the issue through emphasis on the strengths of the family unit and not the cause.

The resolution of conflicts within family members will be resolved through effective communication that the family therapist will help make way and thus gaps are minimized in the process. The family therapist will analyze and see if conducts are to be changed within the members with explanations on the why and the how of situations.

In order to resolve specific concerns, the family therapist has to conduct regular sessions, and this will give importance and convince each to willingly participate and solve the matters on hand.

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